Cosmetic Dentistry in Calgary, AB

Is a chipped, gapped, toothy or gummy smile cramping your style and destroying your self-esteem? Our skilled dentists near you can alter the appearance of your teeth with the latest technology. We specialize in designing stunning smiles that can dramatically transform your appearance.

Common Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Thanks to modern cosmetic dentistry in Calgary, AB, you don’t have to live with a discolored or unattractive smile. Our experienced dentists will first perform a detailed evaluation of your oral cavity.

We may perform one or more of the following cosmetic dentistry procedures near you:

Teeth Whitening

Whether your teeth are stained due to aging, smoking, consuming colored foods, medication, or thinning of enamel, we can whiten them to give you an attractive smile. Our dental experts will examine your teeth and determine the degree of whitening required.


Our reliable dentists in Calgary, AB, may place veneers to rectify cracked, chipped, broken or misshapen teeth. When skillfully placed, veneers can help improve the shape, length, and size of your teeth to match the rest of the dental arch.

Crooked Smile

If a misaligned dental arch or overcrowded dentition stops you from smiling as often as you’d like to, our dentists at East Hills Dental Clinic may provide Invisalign®️ or other braces.

Other Services

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