Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings in Calgary, AB

The most common dental treatment is treating and filling the cavities of adults and children. Without eliminating tooth decay, the cavity can deepen, and a root canal would be necessary to get rid of the decay. However, our dentists in Calgary can prevent this from happening by removing the decay and filling your cavity with a composite filling.

What are Composite Fillings?

Nowadays, most people don’t want others to know they’ve had work on their teeth, so they want tooth-colored fillings. If the filling is the same shade as the tooth, they are not as visible as fillings like silver amalgam or metals. Since they are the same color, people cannot see your dental work as readily as other fillings.

Composite fillings contain composite resins, which are plastic-like materials. They contain acrylic resin and powdered quartz, silica, or another ceramic to give the fillings added strength. This material also bonds well to tooth enamel, so they are less likely to break than other materials in teeth.

Other Advantages of Composite Fillings

If our dentists are placing composite fillings, they don’t need to drill out as much of the tooth as they do for other materials. The filling starts as a soft paste, so it adapts to the shape and size of the cavity. Once the filling is in place, one of our dentists at East Hills Dental Clinic will use a curing light to harden the material.

Sets within Seconds

Composite fillings dry much faster than silver amalgam or other fillings. Instead of minutes, it only takes seconds for composite fillings to dry and harden. Dentists use a blue curing light to harden composite materials so you can eat soon after treatment.

Replacing Fillings

If there is damage to the composite filling, one of our dentists can fix it. Other fillings often need replacing as they are not repairable. Some metal fillings like gold or silver are not fixable and will need replacing, which is expensive.

If you need a cavity treated and you want a tooth-colored filling, call us at East Hills Dental Clinic about composite fillings for your smile.