Veneers in Calgary, AB

A tooth veneer is a thin, tooth-coloured shell that’s cemented to a tooth’s front surface to improve its appearance. Tooth veneers correct a wide range of cosmetic dental issues including discolouration, gap teeth, misshapen teeth, worn teeth, chipped teeth, and misaligned teeth.

Veneers are custom fabricated from either porcelain or composite resin, depending on the patient’s preferences. If you’d like to transform your smile using veneers in Calgary, AB, please call East Hills Dental Clinic for a consultation.

What to Expect

The steps involved in the veneers treatment process are as follows:

  • Our dentists in Calgary, AB thoroughly evaluate you to determine if you’re suited for veneers. If you have ongoing dental problems such as gum inflammation or tooth decay, you may not qualify for dental veneers.
  • If you’re a suitable candidate for tooth veneers, the dentist obtains your dental x-rays and impressions and creates a personalized treatment plan.
  • Our dentists near you must trim off some enamel from your teeth to make room for the restorations. For this step, anesthesia may be used. Once the enamel has been trimmed and reshaped, the dentist takes your impressions and shares these with the lab.
  • If necessary, the dentist uses temporary veneers to cover your teeth as you wait for the permanent veneers.
  • On your subsequent visit, the dentist examines the dental veneers’ size, shape, and fit before permanently cementing them to your teeth. Before attaching the veneers, the dentist cleans, polishes, and etches your teeth to ensure firm attachment of the restorations.
  • The dentist utilizes a special curing light to harden the dental cement. Finally, the dentist adds final touches, checks your bite, and makes any required adjustments before allowing you to go home.

You may be requested to come back after a couple of weeks so the dentist can check how you’re adjusting to the veneers.

Advantages of Veneers

There are quite a number of significant reasons why patients seeking a smile transformation often opt for dental veneers. These include:

  • Veneers are versatile and can solve multiple dental problems at once. For example, do you have gap teeth that are also discoloured? You can count on veneers to solve both issues at a go.
  • Veneers don’t require extensive enamel reshaping, as is the case with dental crowns.
  • Porcelain veneers resist stains incredibly well.
  • Veneers transform a smile naturally.
  • Porcelain veneers are well-tolerated by gum tissues.

Are you ready for a smile makeover? Call East Hills Dental Clinic to find out more about dental veneers near you.