Why We Use Composite Dental Fillings?

Why We Use Composite Dental Fillings?

September 1, 2021

People often wonder how cavities and cracked teeth are treated. When a person cracks a tooth, one of the first things that come to mind is their tooth would ever look better as it used to before the dental accident occurred. The good news is, yes, you can recover and get your complete dental structure again. The next question is, how?

This is very simple. Have you heard about composite fillings? If you haven’t, this article will serve as a guide that would provide the information you need on composite fillings. However, it might interest you to know that getting your composite fillings in Calgary is the best way to get the completion and treatment that your teeth need.

Composite fillings are identical to natural tooth colour and are used to fill up tooth cavities and broken or cracked teeth. They are made up of ceramic and plastic which also blends with your tooth’s shape and colour. Before the emergence of composite fillings, there used to be other ways of filling the teeth. Back then, an amalgam (a silver-coloured material) was used to fill teeth with cavities and damages. However, since they are silver in colour, they were obvious and noticeable. Some people who have used the amalgam filling still battle with low self-esteem and confidence because the materials used on their teeth always served as evidence that they had a dental restoration. As the world began to evolve and the dental world also improved with it, other materials were introduced, and these materials were made to blend with natural teeth colour to reduce the level of visibility after dental restoration.

Composite materials are well known for filling up chipped or broken teeth. For instance, if a person’s tooth breaks in half, a composite filling can be used to fill up the other half that broke off. However, a composite filling might not be applicable for candidates who need back teeth restoration (molars). This is because the molar performs most of the chewing and biting tasks. Over time, the composite filling might become weak and even crack due to the chewing activities at the back teeth area. This makes composite filling a good option for front teeth restoration.

What are the Benefits of Composite Fillings?

The main benefit of composite fillings is their aesthetic features. They beautify your dental structure and make it look like you never had a filling at all.

Also, composite fillings are easily bonded to the teeth tightly due to the resin materials uses. They don’t require too much tooth removal. They are very good options when it comes to conserving your actual tooth.

Although they are made up of plastic and ceramic materials, their durability level is high, and their resilient feature is strong.

They also work well for teeth that require minor fillings. You can see a dentist in Calgary if you need composite fillings for your teeth.

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Are There Other Dental Filling Materials?

Yes, there are various dental filling materials available for teeth restoration. It depends on what suits your teeth and your dentist’s recommendation as well. You can see a dentist near you for consultations. It might also please you to know that you can also get composite fillings near you.

  • Amalgam: As earlier stated, amalgams are silver-coloured dental filling materials. They are the most popular and long-stayed dental fillings that have been available for years. Amalgam fillings are best known for their strength and duration. With proper maintenance, they can last for up to 15 years. However, due to their visibility feature, people have resorted to more natural materials that match their teeth’s colour perfectly.
  • Gold: These are the strongest type of dental filings. They are very costly than other dental fillings. They can last for more than 20 years. Just like amalgam fillings, they are also noticeable, and this makes it out of the options for cosmetic uses.
  • Glass Ionomer: These are other types of fillings that can blend in to look like natural teeth. They are made up of glass fillers and can be shaded according to a person’s teeth shade. Glass ionomers are also useful in prevent future tooth decay since they discharge fluoride. Although they can be used to fill up teeth with large cavities, they are not as strong as gold or amalgam fillings.
  • Ceramic: They are made up of porcelain materials. They are not as obvious and noticeable as gold and amalgam fillings. Like composite fillings, ceramic fillings are also tooth-coloured. They are strong enough to last for more than 15 years with good maintenance. They are also very costly.

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