Why Dentists Recommend Teeth Nightguards for Bruxism

Why Dentists Recommend Teeth Nightguards for Bruxism

December 1, 2021

Grinding of teeth or bruxism is the movement of the jaw back and forth. Most people grind their teeth from time to time due to anxiety or stress. It mostly happens when you are sleeping. This is not a problem, but you need to visit our dentist near you when it becomes a habit. In the real sense, it’s hard to know if you are a teeth grinder unless your partner or a dentist tells you during a dental check-up.

Habitual teeth grinding will cause excessive wear of your teeth, leading to extensive damage to the tooth structure and enamel. This will consequently lead to decay of teeth and increased sensitivity, cause pain in the jaw, neck, and face, disrupt your sleep, and cause chronic headaches.

There are a number of factors that will increase the grinding of teeth. They include;

  • Intense emotions such as stress and frustration
  • Certain medical substances such as tobacco, caffeine, consumption of alcohol, and certain psychiatric medications
  • Other medical conditions such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, hyperactivity disorder, and sleep apnea

How to Reduce Teeth Grinding?

There are several things you can do to reduce teeth grinding during the day or at night. These are;

  • Reduce the amount of alcohol or caffeine you consume.
  • Do not smoke, especially before going to bed.
  • Engage in relaxation techniques before going to bed or when stressed, for example, taking a hot bath, meditating, going for a walk, and listening to gentle music.

When you are sleeping, it is hard to prevent yourself from teeth grinding. For this reason, our dentist will recommend the use of nightguards.

Why Dentists Recommend Teeth Nightguards

Nightguard will be placed on the teeth to protect them from grinding. The device won’t stop the grinding of your teeth but will provide a shield and cushion your teeth from excessive wear and help re-establish the natural space between the upper and lower teeth.

Wearing nightguards will help with your morning headaches, relieve TMJ jaw pain, and prevent damage to your teeth, crowns, jaw, and other dental restorations.

Types of Nightguards

Soft nightguards: This is the commonly used type and is most suited for mild or occasional cases but not for teeth grinders. Since they are not so strong, they sometimes end up being chewed unintentionally.

Dual laminate nightguards: They are hard on the outside but soft on the inside and are suited for use by moderately severe teeth grinders.

Hard nightguards – Are extremely rigid but durable since they are made from acrylic. They are in severe cases of grinding as well as for TMJ.

​For Whom is Teeth Nightguard Most Recommended?

Nightguards can be worn by any person who has teeth grinding habits, whether it’s occasional or habitual. Our dentist in Calgary will recommend nightguards upon diagnosing you with bruxism.

If you fall in the category of people at risk of teeth grinding, you should use a nightguard just to be safe. Also, if you have any medical condition or are under any medication predisposing you to bruxism, visit our dentist to get a nightguard.

In addition, if you have pain in the neck, face, or jaws when waking up, use nightguards to remedy this pain.

​Should You Wear a Nightguard Every Night?

If your dentist recommends you to use nightguards, make sure you use them. Wear them daily if you are a habitual tooth grinder. If you are an occasional teeth grinder, it is okay for you to wear them during the days when you feel stressed or anxious. Regular wearing of nightguards will reduce the wear and tear caused by teeth grinding, leading to teeth damages. Take your night guard prescription seriously.

There is no way of you knowing if you grind your teeth at night unless you get diagnosed by a professional dentist. So visit our dentist in East Hills Dental Clinic and get a night guard for your teeth in Calgary. We have a qualified team of dentists who will perform an oral check-up, and if diagnosed with bruxism, you will get a nightguard prescription and get your nightguards customed for you. We also offer other general dentistry services like professional teeth cleaning and teeth whitening. Visit us and get the care you deserve.