What Is the Purpose of Using a Night Guard?

What Is the Purpose of Using a Night Guard?

January 1, 2022

Do you often find yourself grinding your teeth when you are nervous? Or do you grind your teeth at night? If you are, it is an excellent idea to get night guards in Calgary, AB. Bruxism can cause a lot of damage to your oral health. This is because you will be adding a lot of pressure to your teeth by grinding or clenching them, leading to weakened enamel, headaches, jaw pain, and even temporomandibular joint disorder.

Usually, when you suffer from night bruxism, you may not notice that you are grinding your teeth. It would be very easy for you not to know the origin of your headaches caused by bruxism.

Sadly, there is no known cure for teeth grinding. However, one of the most effective methods of dealing with teeth clenching and grinding will be to get a custom night guard at our dental office in Calgary, AB.

On the other hand, getting a night guard can also be tricky since various options in the market exist and range from soft to hard. Also, you need to understand how thickness plays a factor in the efficacy levels of the night guards. However, you can keep on reading, and you’ll find out more.

What Is a Night Guard?

If you have never seen a night guard before, just know that it looks like a mouthguard that athletes wear. It is made from plastic and can be soft or hard. A night guard covers the biting surfaces of your teeth and can be worn either on the bottom or top set of teeth.

Since everyone has a unique teeth pattern, an excellent night guard is customized for every patient. Our dentist near you will use the mold of your teeth to create a nightguard that is a snug fit without it being unnecessarily bulky or uncomfortable.

Nightguards have many names, so when you hear names such as mouthguards, bite splint, nocturnal bite plate, and dental guard, just know they are referring to the same thing.

Types of Night Guards

Nightguards are usually classified according to the materials that make them. Therefore, you can expect the following kinds of night guards:

  • Hard Nightguards

These nightguards are sturdy since they are made from hard acrylic, usually 2 mm thick. They are the best solution for treating severe teeth grinding and TMJ. Since they are 2 mm thick, they offer extra protection and durability.

When yous sleep, your muscles relax, and your bite changes due to the lower jaw repositioning itself to a healthy position. So, when our dentist makes adjustments to the bite of your nightguard, it will aid your jaw and muscles in relaxing.

But since the nightguard is rigid, it may feel a bit too tight and maybe uncomfortable for many people. In any case, they are the most durable treatment.

  • Soft Nightguards

By far, this is the most comfortable nightguard since it is made from a rubber-like material. The nightguard is about 3 mm thick, and it’s soft, flexible, and has a cushion-like feeling in the mouth. This is an excellent treatment for people who have mild bruxism, sensitive teeth, and those who are looking for a comfortable solution.

  • The Hybrid

As the name suggests, the hybrid is a blend of the best of both worlds. In other words, it has a hard exterior, which makes it durable, and the inner softer part offers a slight cushion for extra comfort.

Nightguards can also be classified as:

  • Over-the-Counter

You can find this kind of nightguard in your local drugstore. They are one-size-fits-all since they are pre-molded to fit any mouth. Plus, there is boil and bite nightguards that any patient can use. Unfortunately, they are not the best kinds of nightguards.

  • Custom-Made

These are nightguards that offer a personalized solution. They are made specifically for your teeth. They are more comfortable and effective, and if you care for them, they can last for several years.

Significance of Getting the Right Nightguard

Getting the right nightguard is the best way to go since they will be comfortable and effective in dealing with night bruxism. Besides comfort and improved efficacy, getting the right nightguard can:

  • Prevent Plaque Development

Always remember that a sports mouthguard and a nightguard are not the same. If you wear a sports mouthguard, you will do more harm than good. This is because a sports guard is designed to protect the teeth and gums from blunt force trauma. So, if you wear them at night, they will trap bacteria, and saliva will not neutralize the acids.

Custom-made nightguards have holes that allow saliva to access our teeth. Plus, our dentist will ensure that you have the right kind of nightguard.

  • Prevent Changing Your Bite

A nightguard is custom-made to fit your bite to protect the surfaces of your teeth from grinding against each other. If you wear a sports mouthguard or an ill-fitting night guard, your bite may shift over time.

So, if you wish to use night guards in Calgary, AB, contact us at East Hills Dental Clinic to schedule an appointment.