What Happens during the Root Canal Procedure?

What Happens during the Root Canal Procedure?

March 1, 2022

A root canal procedure is a treatment performed to save teeth affected by an infected tooth pulp. In addition, it addresses toothache and tooth sensitivity caused by an infection in the inner part of a tooth. The procedure involves accessing the dental pulp and cleaning the area to remove the bacteria, infected root canals and decayed tissue. It is carried out by a qualified dentist near you.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure

The first step in the procedure is a consultation by an experienced dentist in Calgary, AB. Next, the dentist will take an x-ray of your teeth and gums. They help determine signs of infection to the surrounding teeth, gums, and jaw bone. The cause and effects of the infection will determine the treatment plan required.

Next, a suitable anesthetic is administered to numb the area and relax the patient. After, the dentist will place a rubber dam around the tooth to keep saliva off the tooth. Next, your tooth will be drilled from the top to access the dental pulp where the infected root canals are located. Finally, the specialist removes all bacteria, pulp, and decayed nerve tissue.

A standard root canal treatment involves using a series of tiny files and treatment fluids to clean and disinfect the area. Your dentist may offer a minimally invasive alternative during this stage of root canal therapy in Calgary, AB. A quick and more comfortable option known as GentleWave® may be used. It involves minimal filing, fluid dynamics, and acoustic energy.

The dentist will fix a temporary filling in the tooth to keep out food particles and saliva at the next step. Next, a sealer paste and rubber compounds are placed into the root canal by the expert. The tooth is carefully filled to close the hole drilled into the tooth.

The tooth will be weak after the procedure since the roots are affected. Therefore, the dentist will provide dental restorations to protect your tooth from breaking. The dentist will discuss all the options to ensure that your tooth is restored to full function.

Is It Painful to Have the Root Canal Done?

Most patients feel nervous about having root canal treatment since it is endodontic. In addition, they associate the treatment with pain because it is a bit invasive. However, during the procedure by the dentist in Calgary, AB, patients report being comfortable. Most of them feel pressure and movement but not pain since the dentist provides sedation dentistry services.

The symptoms of a root canal include intense pain in the area surrounding the infected tooth. Therefore, the dentist will numb the tooth, gums, and bone tissue around the tooth before beginning the procedure. The dentist will be attentive to you to ensure that you remain comfortable and experience no pain throughout the process.

Is There Anything You Can Do to Avoid the Need for Future Root Canals?

Root canal therapy in Calgary, AB, is successful and effective. However, since it is costly and may create some discomfort during the recovery period, it is best to avoid it in the future.

The most important thing you can do to prevent the need for a future root canal is to care for your mouth correctly. Maintain a correct dental care routine to avoid tooth decay that leads to an infected tooth pulp. Brush and floss each day and see a dentist near you for regular dental exams and cleanings.

Do not bite down or chew hard foods and objects, leading to tooth fractures and cracks. This is because when a tooth cracks or fractures, it creates access for bacteria to get into its roots. It is also essential to have a dentist address any teeth grinding issues to help avoid future root canals.

You should also avoid mouth trauma. Wear a customized mouthguard whenever you are actively involved in contact sports. The guard will cushion your teeth and jaws from potential trauma that may lead to the tooth breaking from the roots. In addition, wear your seatbelt in a car to avoid dental trauma through headrests and dashboards.

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