The Beauty of Balance: How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Enhance Your Appearance

The Beauty of Balance: How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Enhance Your Appearance

April 1, 2023

If you’re wondering how to improve your smile, cosmetic dentistry could be the answer. Whether you’re missing teeth, have teeth stains or damage, or have a misaligned bite, our cosmetic dentist in Calgary can fix your dental defects and make your smile whiter, stronger, and straighter. Since dental flaws can also affect how you feel about yourself, cosmetic treatments can boost your confidence and improve how you relate to others or express yourself.

Can Cosmetic Dentistry Improve The Health of My Smile?

Cosmetic dentistry incorporates various cosmetic dental treatments and techniques to fix dental imperfections and improve the esthetics of your smile. However, many cosmetic procedures provide additional benefits like enhanced bite alignment, bite function, speech, and oral health. Here are important ways cosmetic dentistry can improve your oral health:

  • Prevents future damage

Dental defects like tooth loss, breaks, chips, cracks, gaps, or crookedness do more than just ruin your beautiful smile. These issues often worsen if not treated, leading to serious discomfort and complications like tooth decay, tooth loss, and TMJ disorders. Repairing these imperfections with cosmetic dentistry improves your appearance and prevents bigger issues from occurring in the future.

  • Improves dental health

Fixing dental defects with cosmetic dentistry improves your smile and promotes oral health. For instance, missing teeth can impair bite function, jawbone deterioration, and misalignments as well as contribute to an increased risk of oral infections. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants improves your smile, jawbone, and oral health.

  • Improves oral hygiene

Besides making you feel less attractive, cosmetic issues like tooth crookedness, overcrowding, and gaps can trap food particles and debris, encouraging plaque and tartar buildup. These dental flaws can also make brushing and flossing difficult. A lack of brushing/flossing will increase your risk of tooth caries, tooth sensitivity, bad breath, tooth loss, and gum disease.

Aligning your bite and closing unhealthy tooth gaps with cosmetic dentistry improves your smile and makes cleaning and caring for your mouth easier. It reduces plaque and tartar buildup and protects your mouth from diseases.

  • Improves bite function

Cosmetic flaws such as tooth loss, misalignments, and trauma can make eating certain foods like nuts and apples difficult. Besides improving your smile, cosmetic techniques like dental implants, crowns, and braces improve your bite function, allowing you to eat tougher nutrient-rich foods. Proper nutrition is good for your oral and overall health.

  • Improves oral comfort

Cosmetic defects like tooth loss, teeth misalignments, severe dental trauma, and tooth decay can cause significant pain in your teeth, jaw, face, head, and other parts. Oral discomfort can make chewing, speaking, swallowing, and performing other functions difficult. Correcting these imperfections with cosmetic dentistry improves your smile and helps alleviate pain to help you eat and speak naturally.

Do Teeth Make A Difference In Appearance?

Your teeth play a significant role in the appearance of your smile. Imagine smiling without pearly whites? Every single tooth in your mouth has a notable effect on your smile. Losing just one front tooth can create an unsightly gap in your smile. It often draws people’s attention when speaking, talking, or eating, making you feel unattractive, embarrassed, and self-conscious.

That’s why millions invest thousands of dollars in replacing their missing teeth with implants, bridges, or dentures. Teeth make you look more attractive and confident in your personal, social, and career life.

Besides creating an unsightly gap, missing teeth can change the structure of your face. When you lose teeth, the jaw begins to deteriorate gradually. Healthy teeth and sufficient jawbone are essential to support the facial muscles.

Loss of teeth and jawbone causes the facial muscles to collapse, leading to sunken cheeks, premature aging, wrinkles, and thinning lips. Replacing teeth can help lift your facial muscles and make your cheeks and lips fuller and more youthful.

Are you interested in Cosmetic Dentistry in Calgary?

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