Root Canal Treatment At your local Calgary dentist

Root Canal Treatment You’ll most likely notice the need for a root canal right away, as your tooth (or teeth) will be causing you aches and pain. During your routine dental exam, your dentist will be able to diagnose any dental issues, including the need for a root canal. A root canal is not as scary as it sounds! Root canals help to relieve any tooth or jaw pain you are currently feeling.

Root canals restore the damaged tissue of your tooth, which can be caused by extensive decay, tooth trauma, or gum disease. A tooth with damaged nerve tissue requires immediate attention. As a result of a completed root canal, your tooth will feel noticeably healthier and stronger. We make it our goal to ensure that the root canal procedure is as comfortable for you as possible! We’re here to help eliminate the pain and make sure your teeth are healthy and fully restored.

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Look out for these signs of tooth decay, which may indicate the need for a root canal:

  • Headaches and discomfort in the jaw, ears, and neck
  • A change in color of your teeth
  • Gums looking swollen
  • Increased sensitivity to food and drinks that are hot or cold
  • Swollen jaw


If you notice any of the above dental issues, it’s best to contact us right away so we can assess your situation. As dental professionals, we may even be able to detect signs of decay before the pain occurs. When it comes to your health, early detection makes all the difference. It’s best to contact us sooner than later, and we will get your teeth back to full function right away.

The dentist at East Hills Dental Clinic is highly experienced in providing root canal treatments to patients. We can perform the procedure expertly, precisely, and with minimal pain. A root canal treatment will preserve the original tooth, so you do not need to get it extracted. Receiving a root canal can also help to prevent further damage to the adjacent teeth. At East Hills Dental Clinic, we take full advantage of modern dental technology and procedures to make your root canal treatment the most efficient and effective. We do everything in our power to avoid tooth loss for our patients and root canals help us do that.


Still not sure about root canal treatments? We’re happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Schedule an in-depth consultation with your East Hills Dental Clinic dentist today.

We Charge According to the Alberta Dental Fee Guide