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One of the most common dental issues that we encounter at East Hills Dental Clinic is cavities. But how do cavities form? How can we treat them and how can we prevent them? Your oral health is very important to our team and we want to help make sure that you and your family have the healthiest and strongest teeth at all times.

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How Do Cavities Form?

Cavities form due to the accumulation of certain types of bacteria, which are found in dental plaque. Simply put, when you don’t brush your teeth, floss, and have otherwise proper oral hygiene habits, plaque will begin to build up on your teeth. That plaque leads to bad bacteria living on the surfaces of your teeth. These germs then begin to react with the sugars in your food when you eat. This results in an extremely acidic environment that is detrimental to the enamel of your teeth. It even causes the enamel to liquefy, which affects your teeth’s function and appearance. When the enamel is affected, the surface of your tooth becomes vulnerable and exposed to decay. This generation of decay is what ultimately forms the cavity in your tooth. Once the cavity begins to form, the process escalates and the decay can spread deeper and deeper into the tooth.

How Can We Treat Cavities?

The dentist at East Hills Dental Clinic is experienced at expertly performing fillings, which is the primary method of treating cavities. During the process, your dentist will fill in the small hole in your tooth that was caused by the spread of harmful decay. Once the filling is complete, your tooth will be protected from further decay damage! If you leave the cavity without treatment, you become highly at risk of the decay advancing into the sensitive inner pulp tissue. This will require a more serious dental treatment from your East Hills Dental Clinic dentist.

What Are Composite Fillings?

Prevent the need for cavity fillings by taking great care of your smile every day. Remember to brush, floss, and rinse your mouth twice a day to avoid plaque build up, as well as bad breath. Taking these steps will help to improve the strength of your teeth and decrease the chances of oral diseases. If you or your child has questions about how to maintain strong oral hygiene, ask one of our team members to walk you through it!

How Do I Prevent Cavities?

Fortunately, dental technology is always advancing! We strive to be leaders in the industry by keeping up with the most modern dental technologies and procedures. You no longer need to worry about fillings that do not match the natural colour of your teeth. Composite fillings, or tooth-coloured fillings, are able to fill in the holes of your teeth while leaving a natural-looking finish. This is a great way to get both the benefits of oral health and aesthetic appeal with your tooth fillings. In regards your oral health, these composite fillings provide strong protection and insulation for your tooth, keeping it safe from further decay damage. For your aesthetic look, the composite fillings blend seamlessly to exactly match the shade of your natural tooth!

During the filling procedure, your East Hills Dental Clinic dentist will first use a cleansing gel to prepare the tooth for the filling. Following the cleansing gel, we use a bonding agent and the composite filling material to close off the area of decay. Once the filling is placed, we use a high-strength blue light to solidify the composite filling material. This process minimizes pain and is very efficient! After all is complete, we ensure to double check that the filling is properly shaped and looks perfect.

Composite fillings are made of a combination of plastic particles and glass particles. We recommend composite fillings as the first choice for your cavities, as they completely bond to your tooth and are readily available at our Calgary practice.

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We Charge According to the Alberta Dental Fee Guide