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Painless Tooth Extractions in Calgary

Our Calgary Dentists reviewing a tooth extraction xrayYour dentist works with you to keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime, but sometimes your teeth are best removed. Extractions, the official name for the removal of teeth, can be daunting. However, at East Hills Dental, we strive to help all our patients feel confident and comfortable through all procedures, including extractions.


If you are experiencing aches and pain in your mouth, from your teeth specifically, you may require a tooth extraction. Whether it is a regular tooth or a wisdom tooth, your dental professionals at East Hills Dental Clinic are here to relieve your tooth pain. If you’re not sure whether or not you need a tooth extraction, it’s best to come see our dental professionals right away so we can examine the tooth, monitor its growth, and recommend the right time to extract the tooth, if necessary.

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Who Can Perform Wisdom Teeth Extractions?

Your regular dentist can perform extractions. However, in more complex cases, like those involving impacted teeth, your dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon to ensure you receive the very best dental care. These dental professionals are experienced in performing advanced extractions.

In Canada, all oral surgeons must complete an advanced oral and maxillofacial surgery course and hold current specialty designation from a Provincial Dental Regulatory Authority.

Why Would You Need an Extraction?

There are several reasons why you might need an extraction. Wisdom teeth are the most common teeth extracted. A dentist or oral surgeon might remove your wisdom teeth if there is not enough space in your mouth or the tooth is impacted.

You might also need an extraction if your mouth is damaged in some way. Trauma below the gumline caused by a punch or a ball to the face, for example, can break your tooth off below the gumline. Most teeth cannot survive this kind of trauma.

Poor oral hygiene can also trigger an extraction. Deep cavities can destroy your teeth. Left untreated, periodontitis can weaken the bones and ligaments that hold your teeth in place. These severely damaged teeth should be extracted, especially if you want to replace these unhealthy teeth with dentures.

If your mouth is crowded, your orthodontist may also recommend extractions before fitting your face with braces.

What Happens During an Extraction?

We want our patients to feel as comfortable as possible during extractions, so we offer Triazolam to all adults. This oral sedative relaxes your body, so you feel better during these procedures.

For a normal extraction, we will numb the area around the target tooth with a modern anaesthetic to reduce painful sensations. Your dentist will then gently rock the target tooth backward and forward. This loosens the ligaments holding it in place, making the extraction easier. Once the tooth is loose, your dentist then uses an elevator to remove it from your gums.

For more complicated extractions, a small incision may be made in your gum to reach your target tooth. The tooth may need to be removed in fragments. Sutures may be used to close the incision.

What Happens After an Extraction?

Following your post-operative care advice from your dentist helps you and your mouth recover from an extraction efficiently and with minimal pain. Your dentist will recommend medication to manage your pain and to promote healing. Take the medication for the time recommended as directed.

After an extraction, eat a modified diet that’s kinder on your mouth. Soft foods served cold or at room temperature are best. Yogurt, eggs, ice cream, chilled soups, pudding, and fruit and vegetable smoothies are all excellent options. Ensure the extraction site is clear of food particles after every meal

Sucking puts stress on your mouth that can derail your healing. Drink straight from a glass, can, or bottle rather than using a straw. Dentists always frown on smoking, but it’s a real no-no for at least a week after an extraction. Along with the sucking action, smoking can disrupt the extraction site and lead to a painful dry socket. Perhaps you could use your extraction as good motivation to quit!

Alcohol can irritate your extraction site and interfere with your pain medications. Avoid drinking wine, beer, cocktails, and spirits for at least a week after the procedure. Note the ingredients of your mouthwash too, as this unlikely source of alcohol can hurt.

You should avoid mouthwash with alcohol, but good oral hygiene habits are still important. Brush your entire mouth, including the space around the extraction site. Patients should take extra care around their sutures, though.

While these general tips will help, your dentist may provide specialized advice when considering the complexity of your extraction and overall oral health. Heed this advice for the best results.

Your dentist or oral surgeon will also discuss options for restoring your smile. In some cases, leaving the spaces as they are may be appropriate. However, some people are self-conscious about a gap-toothed grin. Teeth also tend to move towards open spaces in the mouth, which can cause problems later. Dentures, implants or bridges can fill the gaps and prevent these problems.

Extractions might seem scary at first, but the team at East Hills Dental are always here to help you through the process. We’ll discuss your concerns and provide the care you need during and after your procedure to feel your best in no time.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

It’s very common for teens and young adults to require extractions for their wisdom tooth or teeth. Whether you are in the stage where your wisdom teeth are growing, if your wisdom teeth are aching, or if you are experiencing a lot of pain from your wisdom teeth – come see us right away so we can provide a full assessment and prepare the tooth or teeth for the upcoming extraction.

There is nothing to worry about! Our hospitable team is here at all times to ensure the entire process goes smoothly and is as comfortable for you as possible. When you visit our Calgary practice, know that you are in good hands and that we are here to eliminate your toothaches and pain.

After your tooth extraction, make sure to talk to us about the proper wisdom teeth aftercare procedures.


Let our team eliminate your tooth pain with a tooth extraction! Schedule an in-depth consultation with your East Hills Dental Clinic dentist today.

We Charge According to the Alberta Dental Fee Guide