Do You Need Urgent Dental Care?

Do You Need Urgent Dental Care?

October 1, 2021

Just as patients are being wheeled into the emergency unit in a general hospital, it’s the same as a dental emergency unit. Some dental accidents are unpredictable. Some also could be an outburst from an underlying dental issue that deteriorated. No dental emergency patient should be ignored cause every minute wasted could cause a bigger problem. At emergency dentistry in Calgary, the dental health and safety of the patients are our priority.

Emergency dental care is a kind of dental treatment that isn’t scheduled or planned for. Unlike a dental checkup which involves diagnoses, preventive dental care, and dental treatment, emergency dental care involves rapid treatment.

Also, urgent treatment isn’t always given to everyone cause some dental problems do not require urgent dental care. If the patient can be treated 3 days after they complain, it isn’t a dental emergency. However, the dentist would always make sure that the dental problem doesn’t need urgent dental care before scheduling a dental treatment for later. This is because if the dental emergency unit is filled with dental patients who don’t need emergency dental care, the patients who need emergency care might not get quick dental treatment. So, everything has to be arranged properly for all dental patients to receive the effective treatment they require.

What Are Emergency Dental Issues?

Although not all dental issues require emergency dental care, some dental problems require urgent dental treatment.

  • Severe toothache: An infected tooth or teeth that haven’t been treated can cause bigger problems later. One of the problems that can be caused by an infected tooth is toothache. With time, if the infections inside the tooth’ roots are not treated, the patient will begin to feel extreme toothache, and severe teeth sensitivity cause the tissues inside the teeth are infected. At this point, if the patient doesn’t see an emergency dentist, they stand at a higher chance of losing their teeth or tooth.
  • Gum disease: people who have gum diseases don’t often realize until it has deteriorated. Are your gums seriously bleeding whenever you brush or floss? Do you have bad breath? Have you observed that your gums have receded, and your teeth don’t feel firm like before? You should see a dentist immediately because these might be signs and symptoms of advanced gum infection. Gum diseases can be life-threatening if not treated on time. However, it is not an affirmation until you have seen a dentist. You can visit the dentist’s office in Calgary, AB.
  • Shifted jaw: if your jaw shifts due to an accident, you see a dentist immediately. This is because if the jaw is not placed at its right position, there would be serious problems.
  • Knocked-off, broken, or cracked tooth: Dental accidents can come in different forms. The patient can suffer from broken, cracked, or knocked-off teeth. When this happens, you need to be calm and call your dentist immediately for guidelines on first aid steps that you could take before getting to the hospital for proper treatment. If you’re not given emergency care, you could lose your teeth. The dentist can save your natural teeth, but in cases where your natural tooth cannot be saved, the dentist can also recommend restorative dental procedures that will replace or restore your dental structure. See an emergency dentist near you if you have a dental issue that needs urgent care.
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How To Prevent Dental Emergencies?

Yes, dental emergencies are not often predicted. However, there are ways that you can reduce your risk of having a dental emergency.

  • Always take care of your dental health by practicing good dental hygiene. Brush your teeth at least twice daily and also floss once daily to take out food particles that are stuck in the teeth cavity.
  • Stay away from unhealthy food that could put your dental health in danger.
  • Use protective mouth guards if you have to engage in sports activities. This would reduce your risk of getting a knocked-off tooth during accidental events.
  • Always go for a dental check-up. Dental checkups are the best ways to prevent dental disease that could get worsened due to late discovery. You can prevent gum disease from getting worse if you see your dentist regularly for a dental examination. You can see a dentist in Calgary, AB.

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