Do Not Fear Tooth Extraction: Here’s How Dentists Can Help

Do Not Fear Tooth Extraction: Here’s How Dentists Can Help

May 1, 2022

When a dentist tells their patient that they need a tooth extraction, everyone has a different reaction. For most people, hearing about tooth extraction can be intimidating and scary. Everybody feels a little afraid when hearing about the prospect of undergoing any kind of surgery. Tooth extraction in Calgary can become inevitable if your tooth is infected. If you must have your tooth removed, you must put your trust in the dentist in Calgary.

The dentist near me can make the entire procedure much more comfortable for you. If you have an infected tooth, you are going to feel some pain, and that is why you also need to think about whether you want to skip the tooth extraction procedure and live with the pain, or you can find some courage and go through with it. Let’s discuss some of the main ways your dentist can make tooth extraction a little bit comfortable.

Why Can Tooth Extraction be Necessary?

The first thing that you need to understand about tooth extraction is that sometimes it can be unavoidable. The tooth extraction process is all about removing a tooth from the roots. Following are the cases in which tooth extraction is necessary:

  • If a tooth is broken
  • If the teeth are pushed together
  • Removing the wisdom teeth
  • In case of infection
  • If you have a decaying tooth

How Do Dentists Help to Make the Procedure Painless?

There are a couple of ways the dentist in Calgary can make the procedure a bit more bearable for the patient. The most common way a dentist near me uses is sedation dentistry. There are various sedatives available for the dentist to use, and each sedative has a different intensity and can help you stay relaxed during the procedure. Nitrous oxide is commonly used as a sedative. It is delivered through a mask, and it can take a couple of seconds or even minutes to take effect. After the sedative has been administered, the patient stays conscious but is unable to feel any emotional or physical pain.

The dentist can also give you a pill that has the same effect. Intravenous sedation is also an option; however, it offers a deeper level of sedation as it is delivered directly to the bloodstream. Sedation anesthesia is usually used during complicated extractions. However, the dentist can use it if the patient is too anxious and restless.

The other way the dentist can make the tooth extraction Calgary procedure painless is with general anesthesia. You should know that this type of anesthesia is usually offered in special cases. It can be administered through inhalation or by IV through the arm. In both cases, the effectiveness is the same.

Aftercare – Things to Avoid Post Tooth Extraction

Once the tooth extraction process is complete, you need to be careful of what you eat. During the first 24 hours, it is advised that you eat only soft foods and liquids. You will start to return to your normal diet slowly and gradually when you start to feel comfortable doing so. For the first few days, you should only eat foods like ice cream, yogurt, or pudding. If you are thinking about eating ice cream, make sure you go for a flavor that doesn’t contain anything crunchy or chewy. Also, avoid ice cream cones as they are hard and can cause a lot of pain after you have had your tooth extracted. To add fiber to your diet, you can eat applesauce.

After the first few days, you can move on to some real food like broth-based soups, pancakes, oatmeal, eggs, and mashed potatoes. Once again, none of these foods should contain any big chunks of meat.

It is advisable that once the tooth extraction process is over, during the first 24 hours, you should stay away from alcoholic beverages. If the dentist has given you some strong pain medications, you should stay off the alcohol for as long as you are taking medicine.