Our Calgary Dental Clinic Promotions mail outs and contests

While we strive to ensure your dental experience is as positive as possible. Sometimes it takes a little extra help, or a few extra reminders to get you and your family to the dentist. That’s why we try to make it fun, engaging, and as cost effective as possible acting within the Alberta Dental Fee Guide.


Here you can find all of our current dental promotions, contests, as well as a list of all of our past promotions, contests, and mail outs.


If you have landed on this page as a result of going to a URL you found in a mail-out, or via a link you clicked on an ad or contest, it means that the promotion is no longer valid.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly.

We Charge According to the Alberta Dental Fee Guide

Current Dental Promotions, Contests, or Mail outs

Expired dental promotions, contests, or mail outs

We’re sorry, but the following mail-outs, contests, or promotions are no longer available. Please feel free to contact us regarding any dental questions or concerns you may have, or to book an appointment.

Enter to win a Cineplex Movie Night Family Pack!

Don’t let your remaining insurance benefits go to waste!

Use your dental benefits now before they run out at the end of the year

Start School Smiling!

FREE dental exams for grade one students between Sept 15 – Oct 31.

We Love To See Your Family Smile Summer Mail Out

This summer mail out went out as a reminder for families to come in for their routine dental cleanings and check-ups.

We Charge According to the Alberta Dental Fee Guide